Luxury Leather Bag Manufacture Series: The Alter Ego Shoulder Bag

Deceptively spacious, the Alter Ego leather handbag for women from Osfelle deserves to be a part of every leather bag manufacturers’ portfolio. Crafted from the finest quality nappa cowhide, this leather handbag for women is sleek, stylish and versatile. Read on to discover a detailed review of its features and fall in love!


Upon first glance, the Alter Ego looks a lot like a hobo (the bag, not the squatter). So, even before you’ve touched it, you know you’re going to get a ton of luxurious leather in between its sumptuous curves. Once you actually touch it though, you’re bound to fall in love, regardless of whether you’re a college-girl or a working woman.

Gorgeously dyed in two versatile color options, you can opt for this leather handbag for women in the marvelous, lapis-toned cyan blue or the more sober, olive-toned dark grey. That is, unless you like both. Then God help you.


With a 26cm shoulder drop, the Alter Ego can be gracefully carried both in the crook of your arms or on your shoulders. And measuring at 29cm by 31cm by 13cm, this shoulder tote is perfect for your daily needs, both for work and beyond. Featuring two compartments, both secured by top zippers, the Alter Ego allows you to be organised and ready for any challenge the day throws at you. Plus the leather being soft, you’ll be able to fit way more in it than it seems!



Quality and Construction

Made of breathable cowhide, this lightweight leather handbag for women is completed with shiny golden hardware. This includes four tall feet that protects the bag’s body from dirt and grime. Stitching is even, and flows continuously to the two thick shoulder straps. Besides looking luxe owing to the soft leather, the width of the straps also evenly distribute its weight on the user’s shoulder. Easily usable thick zippers allow seamless entry and exit from the bag. Plus the paneled-leather detail on the zipper is gorgeous!

Price and Value

Priced extremely reasonably for a genuine leather handbag for women, the Alter Ego costs only 9,500 BDT. Aiming to offer quality at a relatively affordable cost, luxury leather buyers are bound to find it a superb deal!

Staying Power

True, it’s not Hermès or Chanel. The Alter Ego’s shape, however, is timeless. It can be passed on for generations and it will not lose its appeal. And if you look carefully, every fashion house in the world offers a hobo-shaped bag – clearly it’s a fashion must-have! That’s what makes it relevant for now and forever.


True to its name, the Alter Ego indeed seems to have a split personality – it can be worn both ways! If you’d like to appear young and fun, perk up your outfit with the bag’s perforated front side. If, however, élégance (with an accent on the “é”) is what you’re aiming for, simply turn it around. Voilà, you have a classy leather shoulder bag in your arms!

Leather bags were always meant to be versatile and usable everywhere – and if it’s something you’re spending so much cash on, it had better be something you can justify, preferably with the amount of use you’ll get out of it. The Alter Ego is perfect on that regard – not only does it offer two types of looks in one bag, but buyers are likely to receive compliments wherever they take it! Truly, no woman has an excuse not to purchase it!


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