Amazing Leather Tote Bags Design Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

As a designer or business person of handbags. You continuously have to generate tote bags design ideas that would take over the whole market. Especially when you are in genuine leather handbag business. Tote bags are widely sought for. Because when you need space -*to carry more. You also need strong and durable bag to withstand the weight. And that’s where the leather tote bags come in. And your need to generate diverse tote bags design ideas.

Leather tote bags are a staple in the world of fashion, and for good reason. They\’re versatile, practical, durable and stylish. For handbag designers, designing a new collection of leather tote bags can be a daunting task. With so many styles and designs out there, it can be hard to come up with something unique and fresh.

This article will help you understand how to ideate leather tote bag designs. Provide you with inspiration to formulate tote bags design ideas. And lay some insight into handbag selling. So if you are into handbag selling business. Prepare to get your mind blown.

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How tote bags design ideas are generated

Here is a something no one would tell you. Have seen how designers and innovators are pampered saying this/that is their creation, when they figure out something new? Well…. All just empty words! The truth is, human brain is not designed to create something new i.e. create something out of nothing. We mix and match things from our previous experience. To build something that seems new in a particular period of time. The sooner you put that creational ego aside, trying to build something out of nothing. The better you are going to do as a designer.

So to come up with a great design of anything. You always need an inspiration to get started. That inspiration comes from research, observation and analysis various things. Like a piece of fabric, nature, seasons, state of the world, trends and mood etc. Inspiration could be anything. Even other popular bags for example. can be pretty good source of inspiration. Don’t hesitate thinking you are copying somebody else. Our brain cannot do anything but copy. So put everything on the inspiration board. Including the tote bags that you think is awesome but somehow incomplete. And start working on that tote bags design ideas that is going to shake the market, in the next season.

Here is a summary of the steps to help you ideate your next collection of tote bags:

  1. Identify your target market: Before you start designing. It is important to know who your target market is. Are you designing for working professionals, students, or fashion-forward individuals? Knowing your target market will help you design tote bags that meet their needs and preferences.
  2. Research current trends: It\’s essential to stay up-to-date with current trends in the handbag industry. Look at what other designers are doing. Attend fashion shows. Read fashion magazines to stay on top of the latest trends. Go to handbag stores and observe how customers act around different handbags.
  3. Brainstorm ideas: Once you have an idea of your target market and current trends. It is time to start brainstorming ideas. Use mind-mapping techniques to come up with different concepts. Sketch out rough designs, and take inspiration from the world around you.
  4. Get feedback: Share your ideas with others, including colleagues, friends, and family, to get feedback. Ask for their honest opinions. And take their feedback into consideration when finalizing your designs.

By following these ideation steps. You can come up with a variety of unique and creative leather tote bags design ideas. That will impress your customers. Remember to stay true to your brand\’s style and aesthetics while designing tote bags that are both functional and fashionable.

5 Amazing tote bags design ideas to get you started

Since you are clear on how to generate tote bags design ideas. It is obvious you will be looking for inspiration. Take all the inspiration from the world that suits your design sense. And let us show you what others are doing this year (2023). So that you get an instant reference to designing your dream tote bags.

The design idea of Longchamp Roseau leather tote bag is outstanding for several reasons. Firstly, its supple and lightweight nature makes it easy to carry all your essentials and documents without causing any discomfort. Secondly, the sleek design with clean edges and flat handles gives it a sophisticated look. Thirdly, the unembellished and understated style adorned with Longchamp\’s iconic bamboo clasp exudes never-aging elegance. Fourthly, the use of young cowhide on the sleek lines adds a touch of youthful energy to the design. Lastly, the fact that the bag is unlined ensures extra lightness. Making it effortless to carry. Overall, this is an excellent tote bags design ideas. As it combines simplicity, sophistication, and functionality.

2. Valentino Rockstud Trapeze Tote Bag

The Valentino Rockstud Trapeze Tote Bag combines classic elegance with edgy rock-inspired details. Its unique trapeze shape and signature gold-tone pyramid studs add luxury and glamour to the design. The spacious interior, detachable shoulder strap, and practical layout offer versatility and functionality.  The iconic Rockstud embellishments not only add a visually striking element but also provide durability to the bag\’s design. The Valentino Rockstud Trapeze Tote Bag is a perfect accessory for fashion-forward individuals. Especially those who appreciate a combination of classic and edgy styles.

3. Givenchy Antigona Soft Lock Tote Bag

The Givenchy Antigona Soft Lock Tote Bag is a great design idea. This bag offers practicality, durability, and style. Its grained leather exterior is scratch-resistant. While its spacious interior can hold daily essentials including a laptop. And the lock closure ensures security. The bag\’s minimalist design, embossed metal hardware, and variety of sizes and colors make it versatile and modern. Suitable for many outfits and occasions. Its comfortable double top handles and detachable shoulder strap offer flexibility and convenience. With its high-quality construction and materials. The Givenchy Antigona Soft Lock Tote Bag is a fashionable and practical investment for anyone looking for a durable and stylish tote.

4. Jackie 1961 Natural Grain Tote Bag

The Jackie 1961 small natural grain tote by Gucci is a great bag design idea that combines classic style with modern practicality. Made from high-quality natural grain leather. The bag is soft to the touch and very durable. It has an an adjustable shoulder strap and top handle for versatile carrying options. Its spacious interior and organizational pockets make it a practical choice for work or travel. While the front flap and push lock closure add an element of sophistication. The Jackie 1961 small natural grain tote is a versatile accessory that complements any outfit. Whether you\’re looking for a stylish everyday tote or a sophisticated work bag. The Jackie 1961 is a great choice.

5. ICARE Maxi Shopping Tote Bag in Quilted Lambskin

The ICARE Maxi Shopping bag in Quilted Lambskin by Saint Laurent. It is a spacious and stylish tote bag design. Which features two sturdy leather handles making it comfortable to carry. The bag is made of high-quality quilted lambskin leather. That not only looks luxurious but is also durable and easy to maintain. The ICARE Maxi Shopping bag has a open top and a spacious interior. It can hold all your daily essentials and more. Making it perfect for shopping and travel. Its elegant hardware and subtle branding add a touch of sophistication to the design, making it a multipurpose accessory that can complement outgoing outfits. The ICARE Maxi Shopping bag in Quilted Lambskin is a great tote bag design that is both practical and stylish.

The Tote Bags that Actually Sell

All that’s said and done above. One really important topics that needs to be discussed. And that is, do these innovative and exclusive design ideas actually sell in the market? Because all these hard works is done to finally make a business out of it. If your big idea is not making money. Then there is no point to it. Is there? So, let me unravel a big handbag business secret that your peers had been hiding from you. The tote bags that are actually going to sell, are the “classic designs”.

You know why? Because classic designs are TIMELESS!! These designs never go out of style. Women don\’t have to worry about their classic handbag becoming outdated, and they can use it for many years to come. This longevity makes classic tote bags a better investment for women who are looking for a long-term fashion accessory. In reality a very small part of fads do eventually become trends. Classic handbag designs have been around for decades. Women have grown up seeing these designs, and they have become part of their fashion culture. They are familiar with the classic styles, and therefore, they tend to trust them more. Nothing beats a classical design in terms of convenience, self-expression and social connection.

So that brings us to question. Why do we even need a exclusive design to begin with? Well, here is the thing. Classical design makes it a safe bet for brands looking to appeal to a wide range of customers. However, unique designs can set a brand apart and increase its popularity. Innovative designs can attract customers who are looking for something different and stand out in a crowded marketplace. By pushing the boundaries and offering something fresh. Brands can establish themselves as leaders in the industry and gain a loyal following.

The 80/20 rule applies here too. While 80% of the revenue will be coming in from classic handbag designs. Only 20% of your revenue will be generated through the exclusively designed tote bags (or any type of bag). But!! THAT unique design will catalyze cross selling and down selling rest of the product in your stock. No way to work around that. Because THAT exclusive design is what will form your unique brand identity.

So don’t forget to generate few classic tote bags design ideas. While you are working on the next “IT BAG” that is yet to come. And once you are done designing. Don’t forget to shout out to us, to turn your dream bag into reality. We are Osfelle. The best handbag manufacturer in Bangladesh. For any query or consultancy regarding handbag manufacturing. Just tap the WhatApp button below to get connected, immediately.


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