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Handbag Manufacturer in Bangladesh

We started by helping struggling leather factories in Bangladesh. But a bigger problem emerged: unused potential despite high global demand. Our solution: an IT platform connecting fashion brands with designers & manufacturers. We empower both sides – startups get design, production & sourcing, while factories gain access to new markets. Our journey began with a small order of 40 unique handbags – a challenge that marked the birth of Osfelle.

Design Development

Let Osfelle, your leather bag manufacturer, turn your idea into reality. Prototype your designed bag with ease.

Manufacture In Bulk

Carry out high volume manufacturing of your collection with the best leather bag manufacturer of Bangladesh.

Hand Crafted Leather

Make your own leather products crafted & perfected by skilled hands of the best manufacturer of Asia.

Total Quality Control

Top quality with the top leather bag manufacturer. Ensured by Osfelle’s independent QC team

Our Process

We transform your vision into reality with a streamlined process built on quality and collaboration. 

Concept Design

The first step in turning your dream into a physical product is the design phase. This is where we study your idea, sketches or plans, and convert them into production-ready designs.

Sample Development

The second step, once you’ve approved the production drawings, is where we, your leather bag manufacturer, will move on to making a physical sample that you can hold and test. You can see how it feels, how it fits, and how it looks in real-world situations.

Mass Production

Once you’ve approved your sample product, we move onto final production. Here you can do a small quantity pre-production to iterate your product with the market and redesign if necessary. Then go for bulk production to meet the rising demand of your customers.


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Our Story

In an attemt to make a difference in the leather industry of Bangladesh

Our journey at Osfelle began with a mission to aid a struggling leather goods factory in Bangladesh, but quickly expanded to tackle broader issues in the country’s leather industry. Recognizing the potential of small and medium-sized factories and the global demand for leather goods, we developed an IT platform connecting fashion brands directly with designers and manufacturers. Understanding the challenges faced by fashion startups, we aimed to streamline the design-to-production process. Three startups joined us, marking the start of our transformative journey to reshape Bangladesh’s leather and fashion sectors.


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Why Osfelle?

We're more than just a manufacturer – we're your partner in success

We don’t just make bags, we empower businesses. Born from a mission to help Bangladeshi factories, we built an IT platform connecting fashion brands with designers & manufacturers.

Frequently asked questions

Selection of our most frequently asked questions to assist you.  

At Osfelle, we are proud to offer the lowest minimum order quantities (MOQ) in the industry for custom full-scale manufacture of leather goods. The exact MOQ for your design will be dependent on a number of factors so we would have to quote you on a case by case basis, however typically the MOQ per design is around 50 pieces.

Yes. There are a two options when it comes to sampling your designs. We can either produce a sample upon placement of a bulk order for free, or we can produce a paid sample as a single piece.

To avoid misinterpretation of your requirements, we use 3 step sampling process.

  1. Fit Sampling: Sample made with available material, with an objective to confirm product measurement and workmanship quality.
  2. Salesman Sampling (SMS): According to your original requirement, with an objective to negociate and finalize cost of production so that work orders can be placed.
  3. Pre-production Sampling (PPS): Minor changes to be made before production if required, with an objective to give final approval for mass production.

The whole sampling process might take 7-25 days + Courier time depending on level of design iteration. However, with all designs being made custom to your specifications, the lead time for samples can vary. For example, if you have custom embossed logos or require a specific type of leather that needs to be sourced, this can extend the time period for production. At Osfelle we will always do our best to meet any time constraints you may have. If you do have constraints, please discuss with us.

Bulk production lead time is around 4 weeks from the approval of a sample, however, this can vary with the workload and the individual designs. We will always endeavour to meet lead times imposed by customers, and if you do have a time constraint you would like us to consider please do discuss it with us at the time of ordering.

We value our customers and their intellectual property, and will always ensure that all discussions between yourself and Osfelle are kept confidential. We are happy to work with non-disclosure agreements and we would never share your designs with anyone other than those within our organisation and with those related to the manufacturing of your goods. Please do let us know if you would like to discuss how we protect your intellectual property further.

When more items are ordered within a single design, we are able to offer increased economies of scale, since we are able to obtain better rates on bulk raw materials for example. This means that as you order more items, the price per unit will inevitably improve, allowing you to make better margins when retailing or reselling.

It is possible that upon receipt of your goods they could be subject to import duty or import vat; charges which are imposed by the customs authorities of some countries. The amount of import duty will depend on the delivery destination, the value of the items and the products themselves. We are happy to discuss with you any duties which may be imposed by customs in advance of your order being delivered.